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About Us

Our grandfather Alfred Edwin Ross originally purchased Lawns Farm in the 1940's and we are now in the third generation of farmers. With a passion for quality meats and traditional cuts it was time we stopped being greedy and shared what we have come to enjoy on a daily basis with everyone else who may care to appreciate quality food.

Lawns Farm is just under 200 acres of mainly dairy farming situated between Rotherham and Sheffield. We are a family farm with with approximately 90 cows in milk although our experimental nature has seen us breed Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Belted Galloway cows. A poultry hobby grew into a sizeable collection of chicken and duck varieties and then into commercial free range turkey and goose supply for the Christmas period. Today we have a growing herd of pigs focusing on traditional old English breeds such as the British Lop and the Gloucestershire Old Spots.