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Bronze Oven Ready Turkey

All turkeys can be halved, quartered or butchered. Please ensure you leave your butchering requirements in the comments box at checkout.

Weights are approximate and we will try our best to match your requirements, as the birds are a natural product, reared on a small scale on our family farm the sizes and availability can and will vary. We cannot offer supermarket standardisation nor conformity. We will try our best.

Turkey Prices are as follows;

7.25kg (16lb) or less is £12.05 per kg (approx £5.46 per lb)
Greater than 7.25kg (16lb) is £10.92 per kg (approx £4.95 per lb)


Approximate weight conversion is;

  • 10lb is approximately 4.5kg
  • 12lb is approximately 5.4kg
  • 14lb is approximately 6.4kg
  • 16lb is approximately 7.3kg
  • 18lb is approximately 8.2kg
  • 20lb is approximately 9.1kg